burger and french fries ruins your weight loss results
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Your weight loss results, whether big or small should not be overlooked. The slightest misjudgment can ruin your results and make you gain more weight than you had before.  Sometimes we lose motivation and stop exercising or practicing a healthy diet while unintentionally spoiling our weight loss goals. Only a few of us realize and reach their full potential, unfortunately. We are here today because we don’t want you to make the same mistakes. Even if you are on the wrong track, follow these tips and get back on the fitness track. Visit  Borntough athletic and exercise clothing store to find the perfect outfit to help kickstart your weight loss results. 

Cheating with diet ruins your weight loss results

Cheating with your diet is the first step to ruining your weight loss results. Now many of us are too busy to prepare or practice a healthy diet regularly; however that doesn’t mean you grab whichever meal that’s available. If so, you may find yourself gaining more weight than you actually lose. Cheating your diet may include: eating too much, eating too less, cutting off from the essential energy producing foods, and not drinking enough water. To help prevent yourself from cheating your diet and stop sabotaging your weight loss goals; it is recommended to get a diet plan. A Diet plan is customized depending on several factors to provide the best weight loss results. So get your customized diet plan and always follow it. 


Over eating

over eating may ruin your weight loss resultsWe all have our favorite foods, but as you know too much of one thing is good for nothing. Skipping meals and not practicing a balanced diet are two of the main factors why most person over eat. If you wish to burn body fat then you should be eating high fiber, low starch vegetable and fruits rich diet.  Going the other way around you will not be able to achieve the goals even if you are staying away from junk food, sugar, and soda. Checkout our blog post on the top 20 unhealthy foods you should avoid. Also, you should cut down the portion sizes and eat small meals. Increase the number of meals and reduce the portion. 


Poor diet

A poor diet is one which does not contain a balance of nutrients or is stacked up with one or two main ingredients. This may not only ruin your weight loss results, but may have other health complications. For bodybuilders, restricting certain foods may cause muscle deficit while on the other hand; consuming unhealthy foods may let you gain body fat. If you’re one of the many skinny persons trying to put on muscle; consider eating more lean protein and vegetable rich foods. Conversely, if you are trying to lose weight and making the body starve, it will hold on to the fat. Thus, to burn the fat or put on muscle you need to eat right and workout well. Of course, the diet will differ depending on your fitness goals. 

Crash dieting

Crash dieting is another problem which causes health issues. Cutting the body off essential nutrients and energy providing foods causes weakness. You might get the fat burned quick but the results won’t last long. In such cases the body starts deforming the muscle because it needs energy which causes weakness. As a result, the body becomes prone to many diseases. 


The body is made up of 70% water; think about that for a moment. Whenever exercising, it is important to keep hydrated with a bottle of water. It is recommend that you consume at least 8 LITRES of water daily. This allows the body to lose weight, detoxify the body and nourish the cells. Water is an important part of the diet plan. Where most of the people follow what to eat and what not strictly they forget to drink water. Water is as important and essential for the body as water. Thus, make sure to drink enough water throughout the day. 


We know you want to achieve the best weight loss results that can be achieved; but avoid over training. Training continuously without rest harms the body. In fact, this can do more harm and take you far from your goals than you think. Training constantly and not allowing the body to rest and recover can be harmful and affect performance and results.  Make sure you get at least one rest day in a week when you do no workout of any kind. 

Love your workout clothes too much, check out these comfortable ones, you can even wear these as daily casual wear too. Two or even three rest days are good to have, but depends on your fitness level and work schedule. 


Sleeping issues

Sleep problems can be the cause of overtraining and affected performance. There is no alternative to a sound and good night sleep. Make your workouts help you sleep better. Be done with eating and workout at least an hour before bed. Let your adrenaline levels come down to normal. Make a sleeping schedule and follow it. 6 to 8 hours of good sleep is enough.


Inconsistent workouts

Being inconsistent with workout is another reason for not so good results weight loss results and bad performance. Skipping a day once a whole is not a problem but a couple of weeks is what makes a real problem. This does not mean you have to work out 6 or 7 days a week. Just start with what is comfortable and suitable to you. Then increase the number of days gradually. Working out 5 or 6 days a week is enough. 

Training without planning

Training without planning is a big mistake. There are so many workouts and different forms. Once can get overwhelmed with so much information. It is best to get a personal trainer or get help from some professional whether it be a friend or a coach. Make sure you are doing exercises that will help you with the goal you want to achieve. If you don’t have a coach or trainer, then plan your workout session before starting it. 

Bad form and/or technique

Working out with a bad form increases chances of injury. Which can set you off fat behind the schedule the best case and in the worst case scenario you would have to get medical attention and get bed rest for months. Get professional help to perfect your form. Lift light if you think more weight is ruining the form.

The bottom line

If you’re a newbie to the exercise world, its best to hire a personal trainer, get a spotter, and make sure every move you are doing is perfectly right. Eating a lot of once a day and starving the rest of the day is not a good plan. You should divide the portions and meals. Eating after intervals allows your stomach to digest it properly without any pressure or heavy load. The same goes for the water. Ensure to keep yourself hydrated daily and practice healthy eating. Finally, visit borntough for all your fitness and athletic performance clothing to get the best weight loss results. 

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