Sean T Focus T25 Fitness workout Review


FOCUS T25 Complete Workout Analysis

T25 is considered one of the best weight loss programs available online from Beachbody. The workouts are very innovative and motivating to keep you going for 25 minutes a day. My close friend, Sean T is the creator of Focus T25, Insanity, Hip hop Abs, and many other known successful workouts.  What many people love most about Focus T25 are the results they see after working out. T25 has been known to create more weight loss success stories than any other fitness program apart from Insanity.  These workout videos have been advertised on television, and social Media, and people just like you spreading the good news to your friends and close relatives. You can buy Focus T25 on Beachbody’s official website here.

What is Focus T25 Fitness Workout by Shaun T?

Focus T25 is an inexpensive workout program available in DVD/online streaming format which can be done in the comfort of your home or anywhere you desire to work out. T25 exercise videos have been designed for people who generally complain about lack of time and money to exercise yet still want to lose weight. Unlike gym memberships which may cost a fortune; T25 will get you more results in less time for only a fraction of the price guaranteed. The fitness program is designed to compromise 1 hour or more of workouts in 25 minutes.

The workout videos are made up of fun exercises to get you ripped, and healthy, increase your heart rate, build muscle, and burn excess body fat. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced trainer, Focus T25 is catered to help you achieve your goals whether it be weight loss or looking like an ultimate ripped Greek god. Beachbody is so confident about its claim on Focus T25; it’s backed by 60 Day money-back Guarantee! Seriously, you have nothing to lose and no reason why you shouldn’t buy Focus T25 for your health and fitness goals.

“Only 25 minutes of hard work will get you the results” Shaun T

How does Focus T25 Fitness program work?

After you’ve received your workout program shipment, you may be considering where to begin. Firstly you’ll have to read through the manual, diet, and workout calendar to schedule your workouts as stipulated. It is important you consult with your physician before embarking upon any exercise regimen to know if you’re fit and capable to perform the exercises. T25 is made up of 16 workout videos divided into four sections. These 4 sections go from starter to advance increasing momentum over time and getting your body accustomed to the intense exercises. These include Alpha, Beta, Gama, and Gama Hybrid. The workouts come along with a diet plan and exercise guide to help you measure your success and achieve the best results possible. After collecting your T25 workout bundle you will be required to do a 25-minute exercise routine 4 days per week with a double workout on Friday. Unlike the gym and many other exercise videos which require hours to see results; T25 only requires 25 minutes per day to get you in the body of your dreams

Focus T25 Fitness Alpha first-week workout

The first workout cycle will begin with the Alpha Focus: Foundation

a)            Cardio

b)            Speed 1.0

c)            Total Body circuit

d)            Ab intervals

e)            Cardio and lower focus

Each workout should progress for 5 weeks then move onto the next section.

Focus T25 Fitness Beta Cycle workout

The beta workout is primarily focused on the core to help build ripped abs and circuit. The first week workouts are:

a)            Core Cardio

b)            Speed 2.0

c)            Ripped Circuit

d)            Dynamic Core

e)            Upper Focus & Core cardio

Each workout should progress for 5 weeks then move onto the next section.

Focus T25 Fitness Gama Cycle workout

Gamma Cycle Focus: Strength

a)            Speed 3.0

b)            Rip’t Up

c)            Extreme circuit

d)            The Pyramid

e)            Speed 3.0

What’s the price of Focus T25?

The price of T25 is very cheap in comparison to regular gym memberships or 1 training with Fitness expert Sean T. For only 3 monthly payments of $39.95 + S&H or the equivalent of $119.85 of you will get the complete workout program plus the additional bonus tools and Free gifts included below:

Bonus Tools

  1. Quick start Guide

  2. Nutrition plan

  3. Calendar

4 Free Gifts from T25

  1. S Stretch workout

  2. Pro resistance band

  3. 5 day fast track

  4. 24/7 online support from fitness experts and peers

How much is Focus T25?

The market value of T25 is over $500+, however for a limited time only you can get it for only 3 easy payments of $39.95

Where to Buy Focus T25 Exercise Workout Program?

The demands for Focus T25 fitness workout program is very high since it is not available in stores. have ran out of inventory 3 times after the launch of Focus T25. is the only official owner and reseller of Focus T25. This is great for many people who do not live in the USA or Canada, but would still like to work out with T25. Shipping is available worldwide and you may begin once received your package which typically takes 2-5 business days based on your shipping prefference or geo location.