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Guest post on Ledhealthalthandfitness?

We have been receiving tons of emails daily requesting to contribute to Ledhealthandfitness and we want you to know this opportunity is now open. We want your guest post on our website! You are the reason why we do what we do! And now we’re giving you the opportunity to contribute your ideas on our website.

We receive tons of emails daily from our audience expressing their love for the content we deliver and we’ve created this special blog to let you know how much we appreciate the valuable feedback. As a Christmas gift; we’re offering all of our readers the opportunity to contribute their guest post (s) on our website FREE. Maybe there’s a topic you think would be a great fit or an idea that’s been on your mind for a while. We want to hear from you. These guest post may include topics such as weight loss, dieting, bodybuilding, yoga, dental, fitness and more. The sky is the limit. Literally

What is a guest post?

A guest post is basically you contributing your ideas whether in the form of an article, vlog, infographic etc to add value to our website. We’re always open up to new ideas and ways to improve your experience. Long and informative articles are preferred and pictures included where necessary.

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TERMS and CONDITIONS apply. Review our terms available on our Write for us page.

Paid guest post offer by our audience

How to publish my guest post on ledhealthalthandfitness?

This is easy. Simply send your article to us via email providing a summary and we will review it and update you accordingly. Once there’s an article onsite covering the same topic we may not add it but use it to supplement the already established content.

How long before my guest post gets on the website?

This typically takes the most 24 hours, or may take days if the article needs editing. If your article isn’t published within 24 hours simply send us an email and we will update you on the progress.

Make the website better?

If there’s any idea or proposal or optimization for the website you think we could implement; we’re definitely open up to hearing from you. Our goal is to make our website appealing with the most updated information on health and fitness available online and we can only do this with your help. So send us your guest post let’s jump into 2021 together. We also partner with health Giants like Harvard health, WHO, CDC, FDA and more to provide you with the most accurate and updated information.

On behalf of the ledhealthalthandfitness team, we wish to say we love and appreciate the valuable feedback over the years from you our wonderful audience and are committed to exceeding your expectations in 2021. Take advantage of the opportunity to contribute your information on our website FREE as gratitude from us to you. Have fun, stay safe and have a happy holidays from us at Ledhealthalthandfitness.