home exercise to lose weight
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Home exercise videos are one of the best ways to help you burn excess calories and accumulated fat whenever gyms are closed. Staying in shape is something that worries a large part of the population, but, in reality, only a very small part of them make an effort in their day to day to achieve it. “I don’t have time”, “I don’t feel like it today, or tomorrow”, “it’s very difficult”, and “I don’t know where to start”, are just some of the excuses that many people make to themselves every day not to do sport.

Actually, you don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym, it’s not difficult, you don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to be 100% motivated every day, in fact, you don’t even have to leave home. In this article, we are going to tell you 10 exercises that you can do in the comfort of your living room to get fit and improve your health by just spending 30-40 minutes a day. Sounds good right?

Heating in 10 minutes

It is very important that before doing your routine you do a little warm-up so that your body is activated and is ready to exercise. You can heat in different ways, you just have to find your favorite home exercise equipment with Amazon promo codes. To avoid getting bored, you can do a circuit in which you do jumps bringing the knee to the chest for one minute, do jumping jacks for another, and burpees for a minute as well, repeat this circuit 3 times.

 Home exercise to keep fit

1. Weightless squats

Once our body is activated, we begin our routine with a basic exercise to exercise our legs and glutes, squats. It is a very easy exercise, but in which you will have to be very careful with two things: keep your back straight when you are going down and that your knees do not exceed your feet. You can watch several videos before doing your routine at home to learn how to squat well.

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2. Weighted squats (3×15)

In this case, we will do the same exercise, but carry some weight. For this, you can take a backpack and fill it with packages of milk or other objects that are a burden for you.

3. Sumo squats (3×15)

This exercise consists of performing the same movement as in the previous one, but this time with the legs a little more open. In this way, we will exercise a different part of our legs and glutes. If it’s too easy for you, add some weight to work your muscles more.

4. Lunges (3×10 on each leg)

The strides are another of the exercises that cannot be missing in your training routine at home, but you also have to be very careful when doing it so as not to injure yourself. Make sure that your back is straight when you lower and that the knee does not suffer, concentrate the load on the quadriceps and the gluteus.


5. Glute kick (3×15 on each leg)


To perform this exercise, we kneel on the floor supported by elbows or hands, as is most comfortable. Then, we bring the leg back until we reach a full hip extension. Then, we bring it to the chest and again we do the extension movement.

6. Push-ups (3×10) Best home exercise to build triceps

To train the upper body you cannot miss a dose of push-ups. If you still cannot do them with your legs straight, do not hesitate to put your knees on the floor to be able to perform the exercise. Don’t worry, when you want to find out, you will have enough strength in your arms to do normal push-ups.

7. Bench dips for triceps (3×12)

Sit in a chair and put your hands on the seat, at shoulder height. To start the exercise, bring your feet forward until your body is out of the chair, then you must bend your elbows little by little until they form a 90º angle and go up to the starting position.

8. Weighted biceps (3×15 with each arm)

Put the packets of milk that we used before for squats in plastic bags, so you can lift them comfortably to work your biceps. This is one of the easiest home exercises that can be performed almost anywhere.

9. Abs (20×9)

home exercise to lose weightTo work the abs nothing better than the plank exercise. It is very difficult to get injured doing it and it usually gives very good results. Do 20 ”, rest another 20, and do the exercise again, like this 3 times. Don’t forget to do side planks too. 

10. Lower abs

There are numerous exercises you can perform to help strengthen your lower abdomen, but perhaps the best known are leg raises and scissors. You must focus on strength with the abdomen to really work it. Read our top 10 ab workouts to discover our easy home exercise to help you build lean abs.



Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.

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