martial arts help you live fit
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There is much more to martial arts than just learning self-defense and losing weight. Martial art has a number of other physical and mental health benefits. During the training it is helping you build a healthier mind and body. Although martial arts are mainly practiced for self-defense than physical fitness and spiritual development come down the list. 

A study showed that children who did martial arts training had lower aggression levels. The aggression levels were lower in girls than boys as they also showed low aggression levels before the training. The children were more focused, better at controlling themselves, better at self-defense and so on. This effect is not just limited to children and teens. Another study found out that the results were similar in the teens and older people practicing martial arts. For older people there are many martial arts with low impact exercises and training techniques. One study on people aged between 67 and 93 years found out that their stress levels, depression, and anxiety was much reduced in the period of just 6 months. On the other hand, these adults also showed higher self-esteem and confidence levels with the training. 

However, the benefits go beyond physical and mental health. Martial art is the name of a lifestyle. With the training as your physical and mental wellbeing is improved, your lifestyle is improved. Meaning, you become the best version of yourself. So, are you ready to begin your martial art training? Buy all your martial art gear and clothing and get going. Following are ways martial arts helps improve your lifestyle and make it healthier.

Your Cardiac Health Improves

martial arts help you live fitAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an adult should do about 3 hours of aerobic workout weekly, at least. But meeting those guidelines is difficult. In research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are only a few activities that meet the suggested amount of exercise an adult should do. One of them is martial arts. It helps you improve your physical health and reduce the chances of diseases like obesity, blood pressure, certain cancers, arthritis and many more. 

Martial Arts helps you Lose Weight

Obesity is a global problem and it is an increasing pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide. According to WHO, more than 2 billion adults are obese. But with martial arts training you can get rid of such problems and train to avoid them if you are not already a prey. Additionally, you may consider our article top 10 tips to lose weight fast

Sharp Reflexes

Martial arts train you to achieve sharp and quick reflexes because it is a requirement of good martial artists. But it comes in handy in daily life like when driving, crossing the roads, playing with children, cooking, basically in daily life. 

Improved Mobility and Gross Motor Skills

Better mobility and gross motor skill are required in daily life as well as on the mats. With martial arts training you will learn how to move faster, be better at daily tasks, and do your work efficiently. 

Martial Arts Make You Stronger

Being patient and calm will not always help you in life. There will be moments when you would need to defend yourself. Then you would wish you knew how to do that. But that is not just it! A stronger body is healthier and immune to diseases. Martial arts makes your body strong with intense training. MMA is one of the best martial arts for self-defense and making the body strong. Get your MMA gear and other required accessories now to get started. 

It Improves Body’s Flexibility

In day to day tasks like lifting something, walking, going up and down the stairs, etc. and on the mats in martial arts the body needs to be flexible to be able to perform better. Martial arts training helps you develop and body’s flexibility. It also strengthens the joints leading to improved and better range of motion. This can make you a better athlete and help improve your performance. 

It Improves Body’s Stability and Coordination

When your body is more stable and coordinates better with mind, it means you are in a better physical and mental state. Martial arts training helps you develop these qualities. Which on the other end helps you become a better martial artist as you can execute, block, and avoid attacks. With more practice you become better at it. 

Martial arts Improves Mental Health

Better mental health is a way towards healthier life. With daily training and sparring you are training the mind to control the body. Simultaneously, martial arts also relieves your stressors, gets rid of anxiety and suicidal thoughts, makes your focus better either it is on the mats or in daily life. 

You have learned how martial art makes your body strong. Now let’s have a look at how it makes the mind strong. Blocking or avoiding an attack is only possible if your mind recognizes the threat and makes the body move fast. This is when the brain is working fast. The intense training helps release happy endorphins that make us happy. 

The huge martial art community you will be in become more like a family. This family supports and helps you grow as a martial artist and as a person. This helps with negative thoughts. Martial arts training also teaches you how to be focused on something specific. This will help you in daily life when you have to focus on something specific and ignore the disturbance around.

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