vitamin c health benefits
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Food is as important for us as the fuel for a car. In short, it keeps us going, helps us run, and energizes our bodies to perform better every day. Moreover, the kind of food we consume every day also plays a very important role in determining the impact it will eventually have on our bodies, lifestyle, and overall health. While determining the diet, you will have to make sure that your food helps you become healthy rather than causing health issues. Most of the food items available in the market have flavor enhancers and this is not just limited to processed food but also preserved food and the food served in the market. These food items have a reliably better shelf life. They are easily available, relatively cheaper, and have high energy. However, these food items can have a direct impact on our health.

What Do You Mean By Clean And Balanced Food?

One of the basic issues that you will face while selecting the food is accessibility and price. Most people complain that although they are asked to consume healthy and clean food, they are not familiar with what qualifies as healthy and clean. Instead, you will notice that most people will have a very vague idea about clean and natural food, and usually, this consists of salads. However, experts believe that to live healthily you need a balanced diet that should not only consist of carbs, Protein, water, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fat. When consumed in a regular and healthy amount, this qualifies as a balanced diet. However, the excess or deficiency of these food items no matter how important that may sound can cause serious issues with your health. Even the trace elements like zinc, iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium required for the body are considered essential and in case you do not consume enough of these trace events you can suffer from some major health issues. Sugars should be limited since almost all food contain some form of sugars. Review our blog 20 unhealthy foods very high in sugars

How Vitamin C Helps With Improving Health?

Vitamin c is generally required by our body in a very small amount, however, even in a very small amount, this plays a very significant role in keeping us healthy. Vitamin C is soluble in water so technically it cannot be stored. Even the slightest change in the pH, temperature, or moisture will end up denaturing vitamin C. Since your daily vitamin C intake should be around 75mg to 90mg, you need a consistent supply of food and other supplements. Most experts advise that since vitamin C is water-soluble, you cannot store it in your body, and eventually you will need a consistent supply through supplements.

Vitamin C has so many different benefits and its deficiency can cause serious illness. Here are some main reasons you will need vitamin C.

  • Vitamin c is very important in reducing the risk of chronic illness
  • Vitamin c has antioxidant properties that help in boosting the level of blood antioxidants so you will have better heart health.
  • Vitamin c helps in lowering blood pressure making sure your blood pressure stays normal.
  • Vitamin c helps in lowering the uric acid in the blood
  • Vitamin c helps in preventing from the risk of iron deficiency and anemia
  • Vitamin c helps in boosting the immunity
  • It is very important for keeping the skin healthy
  • Vitamin c helps in keeping teeth and gums healthy
  • It also helps in reducing the risk of dementia and other memory-related issues
  • It is an active remedy for common cold and flu
  • It helps in keeping your eye healthy

Diseases Caused By Vitamin C Deficiency

Although vitamin c indirectly impacts a lot of body functions, here are some of the direct ways the deficiency of vitamin c can cause diseases.

  • Scurvy, Gingivitis, or bleeding gum disease is very common in people with vitamin c deficiency issues
  • The bleeding and soft gums caused by vitamin c deficiency will also cause loss of teeth at a very young age
  • Wrinkly, uneven, and dry skin can be caused due to lack of vitamin c
  • Hypertension and anemia can be caused by vitamin c deficiency
  • Weak immunity is very common in kids with vitamin c deficiency
  • Shortness of breath, common cold, flue, and weak lungs are very common in people with vitamin c deficiency
  • Lackluster, brittle and dry hair is very common in people with vitamin c deficiency

Why Are Vitamin C Supplements Essential For Good Health?

By now, you are already familiar with the reasons vitamin c is considered essential for the wellness and health of your body. However, so far most people will tell you that supplements are not important and that as long as you consume a healthy diet you will not have this issue. However, in the case of soluble vitamins like vitamin C, the loss of vitamins due to moisture, overcooking, heating, or boiling is very common. Any food item that can help you get vitamin c when cooked or heated will lose the vitamin c completely. Eventually, you will be left with something that has no vitamins at all. To deal with this issue companies are now offering vitamin c supplements with a good shelf life. Moreover, these supplements can be consumed easily, they are healthy and also better in taste as compared to any other food items, you will eventually notice that your body is getting much better and you are also able to see improvement in your skin texture, hair, eyesight, and overall body health. In the long run, a regular supply of vitamin c will help you avoid chronic health issues like heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and memory-related issues. Experts also believe that with a steady supply of vitamin c your immunity will become better and you will be able to get rid of the common cold and other problems. Another good reason you need to prefer supplements is the accessibility mainly because these supplements are affordable and you can easily purchase them from anywhere.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the daily intake. So far the biggest issue that most people face regarding vitamin C is that since it is water soluble all the excess vitamin c in the body is flushed out. This is the reason you need supplements on a daily basis. Without vitamin c your skin, eyes, gums, teeth, blood, heart, and other body parts will be affected directly. On the contrary, a good supply of vitamin c will keep your body healthy and steady.

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