stronger leg muscles
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You have just started the gym and today is your legs day. And you are afraid to do the exercises because it seems like a pretty challenging day but it is the most vital exercise because the legs are half of your body, you should be taking care of the legs and never skip the legs day. Legs have bigger muscles that can help you burn more calories, spike metabolism, and increase muscle-building hormones. Legs muscles may help you to perform your daily task easily. You can run fast if you are playing sports like football, or cricket or a naughty barking dog is behind you. Overall, it is difficult to count the benefits. 


Benefits of Legs workouts:


Help to lose weight fast


When it comes to resistance training where your leg muscles are involved, you will have more chances to burn fat fast. For instance, leg muscles have quads, hamstring, and glutes which are all bigger muscles. 


When you are training the bigger muscles, chest muscles, and back muscles, you are pushing your body to burn more calories in less time. For instance, doing 80 bicep curls will burn the same amount of calories as the twelve reps of squats will do, 


Maintain body symmetry (add an image with the guy’s skinny legs)


Have you seen a guy with a bigger arm, bigger back, and chest muscles but skinny legs? Did he look handsome to you, absolutely not!


Legs workout helps you sculpt the overall body. You have noticed that when you are doing squats, it pushes your abdominal muscles too. Secondly, it reduces the waistline as well. When you are wearing the dress it does look good when your body is in symmetry. 


Legs workouts treat the chronic back pain


Back pain when you are trying to lift weight and your abdominal muscles and legs are not supporting your lower convertible. Legs training will give your stronger glues, abdominals, hamstrings, and quads as well as lower back.


 If you already have lower back pain, you can treat it with gentle leg exercise. According to research, leg workouts and stretches are recommended for those people who are involved in desk jobs. 


Legs workout gives you a stronger leg to perform daily tasks


Everyone in the day has to do something with weight lifting, luggage relocation while renovating, lifting the fallen bike, removing the hurdles in their way, leaving a child on the ground, and other various tasks. When you have stronger leg muscles, you will not be seeking anybody’s help to lift weigts. 


Boost testosterone


Legs workout helps to increase the muscle’s growth hormones like GH and testosterone. Testosterone has lots to do with your body, it helps you build bigger and stronger muscles, hair growth, and increase bone density. 


How to start?

Take enough meals, eat at least 5 meals if you are already eating 4, and increase a bit of carbs intake because you will need extra orangery to perform the leg workouts. 



Types of legs workout and how to do it

  • Leg press
  • Squat 
  • Leg Extensions
  • Lunges



Squats are the most effective exercise to perform when it comes to the lower body. You can do squats in several ways. You can do the squats with your weight, with a barbell in the gym, in a smith machine, or with free weights. The main aim should be to save yourself from any sort of dangerous injury as it often happens when you are doing intense weight training in the gym.  


There are several ways that you can do squats 


Back barbell squat


Barbell squats are the most basic and vital training when it comes to the legs workout 




  • Chose the weight that allows you to do 6 to 8 reps in one set
  • Make sure you have your training partner or personal trainer behind you to give support
  • Open your legs to the length of your feet
  • Squat to the level of your knees when you are just starting because going deeper may cause pain in your tailbone. 
  • Take a 2-minute break to regain strength for the next set
  • Avoid overdoing it when you are a beginner in the gym
  • Caution: There are several other squats training like front squats, overhead squats, Zercher squats, Anderson squats, Bulgarian Split squats, legs squats, and hack squats but it is a good idea to start with the basic position to avoid any sort of muscle or joint injury. 


Leg press

leg extensions are great leg workouts for stronger leg muscles

 The leg press is the most effective exercise that contracts all the muscles and grips like the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It’s the most commonly available machine in the gym with the seat sporting your back. It is the ideal machine that is best for beginners because as a beginner, your muscles are not habitual to lift weights in the correct form.




  • Lay on the seat, with both hands on weight control grips, do not bend your head forward as it should be touching the seat. 
  • Place the foot on the foot area not too wide, not too close but in symmetry.
  • Do not bend your knees that come so close to your belly but push them back 
  • Rest for a second when you stretch your legs
  • Take professional help or avoid loading extra heavy


Legs extension

legs workout for stronger legs

Legs extension is also an effective exercise to build bigger and stronger quads. But doing it in the right way is necessary otherwise you will be putting too much pressure on your knees. You should know that your main purpose should be to train the muscles not thinning the layer of cartilage. 


Sit on the machine and have a firmer grip on the side handle to avoid lifting your butt when reversing the legs. 


Hold for at least five to six seconds when extending the legs. 

Do not lift so heavy 

Avoid jerking your legs or going too fast

Do not lock the knees at extension for more than 5 seconds 



stronger leg muscles with these legs workout

Lunges are also an effective way to lose fat and build muscles. It is the best exercise to hit all the muscles including the abdominals, hamstrings, calves, glute muscles, abdominals, and back muscles. These are easy to do, you can do it with body weight as a beginner and with dumbbells or barbel as well. 




  • Take a pair of dumbbells
  • Extend one leg forward and one backward
  • Keep your back straight as you look forward
  • Do seven to eight reps and then extend another leg forward
  • You can start with your body weight and hold any object

           To avoid the risk of falls. 





Leg exercises are the best when it comes to fat loss or building muscles. Workouts in themselves are not enough if you do not follow the nutrition guidelines. It is a better idea to seek professional help during exercise and nutrition plans. Make sure you eat properly, drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and eat enough protein for muscle recovery. 


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