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Focus T25 Uncut Review

As a fitness model and health enthusiast, It can be hard at times committing to my exercise regimen. If many of you are like me, it can also be tough finding the time and motivation to exercise regularly. Some of you may have other activities such as Family and kids or work the 9-5 jobs; generally these may either take up most of your time or  all your energy, so in the end you’re too tired to exercise.
If you’re one of the many persons in this category, you’re not alone. While there are many millions  of excuses both you and I could give for not exercising, it is very important that we make time to exercise.  Doctors and physicians recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercising to help keep the body active and healthy. For more information on the importance of exercise, read our health and fitness benefits of exercising blog which gives all the details you need.

Why did i buy Focus T25 fitness program?

Honestly, I had a photo-shoot coming up and I was a bit overweight at the time and needed to lose weight and get ripped very quickly. I do not live close to any gyms and the gym memberships are pretty expensive so i needed a fitness program that i could do at home that was cheap and would be able to get me amazing results. I tried searching for a few fitness programs on the internet that wasn’t too long or boring that would guarantee me amazing results or my money back. I like to ensure that the company that i am buying from offers a money back guarantee just in case the product did meet up to my expectations. There were millions and millions of pages available on Google but none of them seemed credible or motivating enough to inspire me to workout. Some of the workout programs i came across were mainly for bodybuilders but I didn’t want to get bulky; I just wanted to shed a few pounds and sculpt some lean muscles. I saw the Focus T25 weight loss and fitness program being advertised on television and was captivated by the customer reviews, offers and results people got while trying focus T25 fitness program so I had to test it out.

Where did i buy Focus T25?

Focus T25 is sold exclusively on the beachbody.com official website. I was a bit excited because i thought i had found the holy grail of fitness and the advertisement has me a bit pumped up so i went over to the beachbody.com official website and checked out the different weight loss programs they had available. Firstly i checked to make sure the website was secured then checked for the money back guarantee before hitting the back button. Apparently they passed the test so i decided to hangout a little longer and go through the different fitness and weight loss programs available like PIYO-by Chalene Johnson, Bodybeast by Sagi Kalev, Insanity by Sean T Fitness and P90 by Tony Horton. There were many different workout programs to choose from so it was a bit difficult to come to a conclusion but I thought,
“25 minutes per day………..I should be able to get along well with this program.”
I spend more than 25 minutes each day with my fans on Instagram so Focus T25 would be perfect for me.


A complete review before you buy Focus T25 
Before getting your Focus T25 package, there are some important things that you should know. The workouts are intense and may not be suitable for everyone especially if you suffer from heart diseases and other medical conditions. It is best to consult with your physician before jumping into any lifestyle change. The complete Focus T25 package usually sells for $120, however i was lucky enough to get the complete Focus T25 fitness workout for only $60 which is half the price of my monthly gym membership fee. Now I can workout at the comfort of my home or anywhere if I’m travelling. If you’re looking to save money also you can get it for 50% off and only pay $60 for the full Focus T25 fitness workout package.
The complete workout is made up of 16 exercise videos divided into 4 sections such as:
  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Gamma
  4. Gamma 2.0
These exercise workouts are to be done progressively and according to the workout calendar. I generally workout in the morning because it’s the best way to start my day. IF you can’t find the time in the morning to exercise, simply adjust for later but don’t leave it for another day. Remember its only 25 minutes a day of working out.  The workout bundle comes with 3 additional bonus gifts; something I’ve never received at my at my gym. In fact my previous gym never gave me any gifts other than FREE Water. I’ll never pass back so no worries.
Focus T25 FREE Bonus gifts $50 Value
As a thankyou for your purchase, Beachbody gives you 3 Free gifts yours to keep
  1. Ab intervals- Cardio and Ab workout for reducing belly fat and building your lean abs
  2. Pro-grade resistance band- Equipment for working out during the program
  3. 5 Day Fast Track- Starter workout to help you get motivated and start your fitness journey
Focus T25 Shipping and handling
After I purchased my Focus T25 workout program, it arrived on the 7th day, not the 3-6 business days as promised. However i live in Antigua and Barbuda and i do understand the many requests at the post office so a day after is still acceptable. I was excited when I received the package and couldn’t wait to begin working out.
My first week on the workout calendar was made up of:
  1. Monday- Cardio
  2. Tuesday- Speed 1:0
  3. Wednesday- Total Body Circuit
  4. Thursday- Ab Intervals
  5. Friday- Cardio and Lower Focus

Now, if your goals are to lose weight and look great this summer then go ahead and get your Focus T25 package and you will begin to see results in as little as 7 days. As a model, having an amazing body is mandatory and focus t25 helps me get in shape and keep in shape every time. Now, buying focus t25 and leaving it on your shelf will not get you results. You have to commit day in-day out by spending a small 25 minutes of your day and i assure you will look in the mirror and love yourself.

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