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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Nutrition and diet for lean muscle

              2.1. Eat a balanced diet

              2.2. Eat more as compared to usual

              2.3. Eat healthy carbs in pre and post workout

              2.4.  Add healthy protein from a variety of sources

              2.5. Detox your body for better food absorption

              2.6. Drink whole Milk

              2.7. Top foods to gain weight

  1. Exercise and training tips
  2. Lift heavy
  3. Use the machine to do high-intensity training
  4. Conclusion



tips for skinny guys to lose weightIf you are a skinny guy and you want to put on some healthy weight to look handsome in your tight-fighting clothes, these are some hacks that you can follow to look attractive. The number one thing you need to keep in mind is that losing weight and gaining weight depends on the food intake and exercise you do on a daily basis. Here are some exercises and training principles to follow to achieve the fitness goals that you are looking for. 


Nutrition & diet for lean muscle mass


Eat balanced diet


When you are trying to put on some weight it is a better idea to have a keen eye on your daily eating. Our diet is a mix of macros,(carbs, protein, and fats) that cover the bigger part of our diet.  So take care of these three consumptions and add more carbohydrates and protein to your diet. Further eating sustainably can also help you to get better physically. 


Eat more calories as compared to usual to gain weight


The losing weight and gaining process depends on calorie intake. When more calories are consumed and less burned, the rest of the calories are stored in the form of fat. Similarly, if you consume less and burn more the rest of the calories will be taken from stored fat. So it is a better idea to consume more than 200 calories as compared to spending to gain weight.


 Add healthy carbs in pre and post workouts

 It is a good idea to provide good fuel for one hour at least before you hit the gym. Eating healthy carbohydrates like bananas, oatmeals, and sweet potatoes can fill your muscles with glycogen to feel more pump and blood circulation in your muscles; muscle pump is necessary to get your muscle bigger and stronger.


Eat healthy protein from a variety of sources

Protein helps to recover muscle tears after a hard workout. So it is a better idea to consume protein from multiple resources. For instance, you can eat eggs, red meat, salmon, black gram, chia seeds, and chicken breast in your meals. Adding a bit of everything can promote the process of muscle recovery. Further, you consume some vegetables with every meal for better protein absorption. 


Detox your body for better food absorption

Add healthy drinks to your diet to clean your stomach for better food absorption. Food travels through the large intestine to the small for absorption, but if you have stomach bloating, gas, or constipation issues, you are not helping your stomach to food absorption. You can add healthy drinks like lemon juice, ginger tea, and vegetable salads to detox your body naturally for better food absorption. 


Drink whole milk


Milk is a perfect diet for every age group. When it comes to weight gain, milk is perfect to add to your meals. You can add a glass of whole milk to oatmeal before one hour of training. Avoid drinking too much to avoid constipation. 


Top foods to gain weight


Fruits have lots of nutrients and minerals to grow your muscles but here is a list of some most recommended fruits, vegetables, and seeds that can help you to add healthy muscle mass.

Bananas, sweet potatoes, peanuts, cauliflower, oats, chocolates, almonds, almonds, honey, and spinach.


  1. Exercise and Training Tips 

Why should exercise be taken into account to get lean muscle mass?


Exercise is another important factor in healthy living. The mix of resistance training and cardio is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are skinny and trying to put on some weight, only stuffing your stomach will not help you. Instead, you have to add some workouts to your daily routine. When we do weight training, our muscle tissues have breaks, they need healthy nutrition, especially protein for repair, and the same repetition can help you to maximize the muscle volume in your body. 


Lift heavy


 After some wake-up, pick a heavy weight and go for less repetition to get the muscle bigger and stronger. According to experts, it is better to shorten the exercise span and lift heavy and add more weight in the next week. Don’t forget to drink some water during training to keep your body exercising. Make sure you are taking the senior’s help and using appropriate gym gear while training to avoid injury. 


Adding a drop set in every exercise can help to bump your muscle better. 


Use the machine to do high-intensity training 

Free weight training is good to maintain balance and accept the big challenges but when you are a beginner, it is a better idea to train with machines. Doing training can help to exercise in the correct form and avoid any injury and go for extra repetition. Cardio is good for the heart and lungs but avoids overdoing it because it is not recommended for lean guys. Make sure you are wearing the right gym clothes that are not too tight or loose because inappropriate clothes will not make you feel confident in the gym 




Gaining and losing weight relies on your lifestyle. Eating good food, and training muscles 4 to 5 days a week can give you a better psychic, enlighten your mood, help you recover from anxiety and depression, and improve your productivity. 


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