delicious but unhealthy cancer causing foods
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Did you know, you may increase your risk of getting cancer by consuming cancer-causing foods regularly? Are you one of those individuals who work hard for your money, only to spend it on foods that are bad for your health?  Here are the top 10 foods that are commonly found on our dining tables that are believed to contain possible carcinogens.

Stop eating these cancer causing foods now

1- Microwave popcorn,

microwave popcorn

Microwave Popcorn takes the trophy for the most popular cancer causing foods. A round of applause, please? This movie snack is convenient but, did you know the baguette is cancerous? Many microwave popcorn bags are lined with the chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. This is poison and is connected to fruitlessness in ladies. The product has been found to significantly raise the risk of breast, kidney, colorectal, bladder, prostate, lung, thyroid, leukemia, and lymphoma cancers. Additives such as not utilizing GMO corn


2- Light flowers, light flowers start off as seeds that are treated with fungicide. The plants are then sprayed with pesticides harvested and stored densely coated with insecticides all of which increase toxicity. Grains are then processed using high temperatures and a high-speed roller softened using chlorine dioxide as a Widener, the result is a starch absent of nutrients rich in toxins.

3- Soda sports drinks, there is no nutritional value and drinking soda or sports drinks. These drinks contain high fructose corn syrup, sugar, dies, brominated vegetable oils, and aspartame which has been leading to an increased risk of cancer.

4- Potato chips,  quick crispy snacks may be convenient and great-tasting but they are also abounding in harmful facts upon health. First of all potato chips are high in both fat and calories which stimulate weight gain. Potato chips are fried at high temperatures to make them crispy but this also causes them to produce acrylic amide a known carcinogen also found in cigarettes. Last but not least, potato chips are packed with artificial flavors, various preservatives, and colors all of which hurt digestion.

5- Sugar, cancer self-drive on sugar and any food that converts to sugar such as grains, pasta, cards, bread, and most roots. So for those who are dealing with cancer, eliminating sugar is the key.

6- Canned Tomatoes, once again when it comes to food, the real problem lies in what the Can is lined with as the linings of almost all canned foods are made with the chemical called bisphenol A or BPA. Canned tomatoes are particularly dangerous since the FDA doesn’t smack any logs for labeling BPA. Its levels and Can lighting can be dangerously high.

7- Artificial Sweeteners,

Artificial sweeteners are one of the most popular cancer causing foods available. They are used by many people as an alternative to avoid sugar. Moreover, artificial sweeteners are even worse in blood sugar control, leading to diabetes-related diseases such as cataracts and gastroparesis. Aspartame has even been found to cause convulsions and some people mistake this for an influencer reaction. It breaks down in the body into a deadly toxin called DKP. When this chemical is digested into your stomach it produces cancer-causing chemicals particularly those that trigger a brain tumor. Review our list of sugary foods to avoid when losing weight

8- Processed Meat, tends to be high in nitrites and nitrates. Preservatives, that can in large amounts potentially increase your risk of stomach and other cancers. Processed foods are also typically full of white flour, sugars, oils, colors, flavorings, and other unhealthy ingredients.

9- GMOs, foods that have been genetically modified or grown with chemicals are defined as GMOs or genetically modified organisms. However, not many know that the FDA doesn’t have any testing procedures for GMO foods. Moreover, GMOs do not have to be listed on food labels as almost all grains including soybeans, wheat, and corn have been grown via GMOs. Make sure to read carefully and look for labels that state the food is GMO-free.

10- Farmed Fish,

farmed fish cancer causing foods

According to Food and water watch farmed fish contains higher levels of chemical pollutants than wild fish including PCBs known carcinogen. Due to overcrowding in fish farms, fish are more susceptible to disease, increasing the need to use antibiotics. They are also more susceptible to sea life which means they are also treated with pesticides. As a result, they have made our list of cancer causing foods 

11- Coke and soft drinks:

These juices are typically labeled 100% natural, from concentrate, high in vitamins, etc. The labeling is typically beautiful displaying fresh fruits and veggies, and advertising, ‘Natural or Healthy.’ Sadly, most of these juices are very high in sugar. Others may contain artificial coloring, flavors, and sweeteners. Altogether, if consumed for long periods may increase your risks of diabetes and obesity likewise cancer.



While there are lots of foods out there that may contain carcinogenic ingredients, I have only listed 10. If there are others, you think I should include; let me know in the comments below. If you’re struggling to lose weight, a popular weight loss supplement I recommend is PhenQ Day and night fat burner. This supplement helps you lose weight risk-free for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied, you get a complete refund of the purchase price.

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