donut high in sugars
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Foods very high in sugar are almost everywhere and easily found, especially when you need a snack. If you’re one of the many people who eat little foods but gain a lot of weight or are just curious why you gain weight so fast but take forever to lose it all off, the answer can be as simple as your diet. 

Most people, just like you, consume a lot of foods and drinks which are very (ok…very, very, very, very) high in sugars resulting in them becoming overweight, obese or diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease. Not only are these foods and drinks if consumed in large amounts rated badly for your health but overtime this bad habit could lead to other chronic diseases. 

Many of these foods on the list are probably your best friends, (BFF, homeboy, bestie or partner) but after you know how dangerous they can be if consumed in large amounts, you’ll consider limiting or ending the friendship.

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It is important to note that the daily requirement of sugar intake varies for both men and women. After reading this article, you’ll realize how easy it is to go over the daily sugar intake and become vulnerable for diabetes, obesity or heart disease.

The American Heart Association recommends:

150 Calories per day for Men: (37.5 grams of sugar or 9 teaspoons)

100 Calories per day for Women: (25 grams or 6 teaspoons)

Now that we know how much sugar we should be consuming each day, let’s dive into the sugary behemoths of foods and drinks; that we all love and enjoy daily.

But first, there is one important thing you need to know! Sugar is a very deceptive type of ingredient that is often times disguised by its other names. “Besides those ending in “ose,” such as maltose, fructose or sucrose, other names for sugar include corn syrup, molasses, cane sugar, corn sweetener, raw sugar, syrup, honey or fruit juice concentrates. “ American Heart Association

The sugary content on the nutrition facts may vary, it is important that you look at the nutrition facts of the foods and drinks you consume to determine the amount of sugar content you’ll get after consuming. Not all manufacturers producing the same products will have equal amounts of sugar content. Only after you check the nutrition facts will you be able to determine.

Ok, enough of all that stuff. Let’s really jump in!

(Drum roll please)

It may surprise you but with up to 65 grams of sugar per 20 fl oz bottle we all have to take our hats off for the champion! Coca-cola bottle

(Crowd applause)

1) Coke: #1 on the list of our Foods very high in Sugar to avoid

coco-cola sugar content

Cokes can have up to 65 grams of sugar per 20 fl oz bottle 1. A very popular brand, “Coca-Cola” has some great commercials when advertising to make their products appear irresistible. But sadly, consistently drinking a 20 fl oz bottle of coke daily or weekly may result in you getting overweight or increase your chances of getting type 1, 2 or 3 diabetes. If you find yourself being addicted to coke, try limiting your intake to at least 1 can rather than a 20 fl oz bottle per week or 2 cans per week. Drinking 1 or more 20 fl oz bottles of coke per day is not a great hobby to have, despite how awesome they can taste on a hot sunny day. If you’re diagnosed with high blood sugar or heart disease; Cokes are not your best drink options; try a bottle of water instead.

2) Dried fruits:

As delicious and healthy these fruits may look on the packages; these sugary behemoths can have up to 58 grams of sugars or more per 100 grams of dried fruits. This mainly applies to manufactured dried fruits. If you’re seeking to eat a healthy diet, fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to go. 

Dried fruits will escalate your blood sugar levels very high. If you suffer from heart disease or type 1, 2 or 3 diabetes, consider limiting your intake of dried fruits. Now these packages may look healthy with 100% Natural etc but they aren’t recommended as healthy snack options. Try to limit yourself to 1 pack of dried fruits per week. 1 per day is way too much and will result in your blood glucose levels going sky high.

3) Candies: Kids favorite Foods very high in Sugar 

Children fall into this category of sugars. This is why you should limit your kids intake of candies at all times. 100 grams of candies can have up to 57 grams of sugar 3 or more. Not the best treat for your young toddler. If you’re an adult who likes to snack on candies, it’s not your best option either, try some alternative fresh fruits and vegetables or a healthier treat recommended by your dietitian or nutritionist. 

By consuming 100 grams of candies will spike your blood glucose levels making it easier for you to gain weight rapidly. If you’re trying to lose weight fast, avoid candies at all cost, they’re your enemies and will only make you overweight or obese. For those people diagnosed with diabetes, candies are an absolute NO-NO. These may send you to the hospital immediately or require insulin injections.

5) Jams and spreads:

Jams go great with bread but tend to be high in sugars and can have up to 49 grams of sugar or more per 100 grams of jam 5. This figure is very scary, especially if you’re the type to eat the jam directly from the jar. 

While these are great choices to apply to toast, bread and other meals; the abundant sugar content is not your best option. 1 jam meal could make you more liable to getting type 2 diabetes or becoming overweight or obese. While jams with bread can be a delicious breakfast or dinner meal, being diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease is not. Whenever possible try to limit your jam intake or contact your nutritionist to advise you on which meals are most appropriate for your diet.

6) Chocolate:

whether you like brown, white or black chocolate; they all have one thing in common. That is, up to 48 grams or more of sugar per 100 grams of chocolate 6. That is an appetite crush, especially if you love to eat chocolate by the bars or boxes. Chocolate foods like cookies, cakes or fondue are super high in sugars and should be considered for desserts or snacks. You already know if you’re diagnosed with diabetes it’s a NO-NO likewise if you’re trying to lose weight. 

Eating chocolate daily could set you on track to become obese or get heart disease. While chocolate is a great snack, it is important that you limit your daily intake to keep your blood glucose levels on the down low.

​Brown chocolate  is very high in sugar and make the list of sugary foods to avoid


7) Cookies:

Cookies are delicious!  Great treats available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and ingredients. But it is important that you know these foods are very high in sugar. 100 grams of cookies can have up to 45 grams of sugar 7. These are not the best snacks if you’re trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. 

If you’re going to eat cookies, try to limit yourself to 3 the most per day or look at the nutrition facts to determine how much sugars you’ll get by eating how many cookies. If you’re diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes; cookies are not your best snacks. 

Try as much as possible not going overboard with your cookies intake, despite how delicious they may be at times. And please don’t steal any cookies from the cookie jar, the diabetes police officer will catch you

cookies are very high in sugar and not great for diabetics

granola bar sugary food

8) Granola bars:

Even though these appear as healthy or all natural as some of their logos say; they can be stacked up with up to 43 grams of sugar per 100 grams of granola. Many of these so-called healthy bars come mixed with other fruits and nuts along with honey which can cause a spike in your blood glucose levels. 

The sugar content for each different brand of Granola bar varies; it is important that you check the nutrition facts on the back to determine how much sugars you’ll get after eating your “healthy snack”. If you snack frequently on granola bars thinking they’re all healthy, you find it very difficult for you to lose weight. 

This is not the best option as a snack if you’re diagnosed with diabetes. Granola bars are great delicious treats but should be limited to keep your blood glucose levels under control.

granola bars are healthy but very high in sugar


9) Fruit juices: Not healthy, these Foods very high in Sugar 

Everyone loves a healthy “All natural 100%” fruit juice which contains 40 grams of sugar per 100 grams. Most fruit juices come in disguised with beautiful fresh fruits on the labeling looking like the healthiest thing on earth. But really these juices are one of the major contributors to diabetes, heart diseases and more. It is important for you to take a look at the nutrition facts of some of these fruit juices because all you get is a few vitamins (if you’re lucky) and tons of sugar. 

Not the best investment as far as health is concerned. Also if you’re trying to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, fruit juices are not your best option. It is best to be creative by juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables which are more convenient and healthier.

​Fruit juices are very high in sugars


10) Vitamin water:

This might seem like the best water available on earth with many vitamins and minerals to choose from but it’s jam packed with up to 32 grams of sugar per 20 fl oz bottle 10. If you’re an athlete or fitness coach who practices high intensity interval workouts or are frequently active; vitamin water might be a good option for you. But you should consult with your nutritionist or dietitian first. For someone diagnosed with diabetes, vitamin water Is a NO-NO. 

Likewise if you’re trying to lose weight; drinking a bottle of vitamin water can make you gain more weight than you actually lose during your workout. There are many different brands of vitamin water; always be sure to check the nutrition facts on the back to be sure how much sugars you’ll be consuming after drinking a full bottle. 

Half or a quarter is best recommended or diluted with water to reduce the sugar content. Remember, the sugar is great for energy but if you don’t use it, it gets stored as fat for later usage.

11) Sports drinks:

Most athletic individuals and fitness enthusiasts think that sports drinks are one of the best things on earth. Well they are if you’re just talking about just sugar. Sport drinks can have up to 35 grams of sugar per 100 grams. 

The sugary spike is great if you’re going to be doing high intensity workouts where you’ll be able to burn up most of the sugar as energy. However if you’re on your weight loss journey avoid these drinks at all times. A bottle of water is the most recommended alternative or a protein shake or drink recommended by your physician.


12) Cakes:

Who doesn’t love and enjoy having a slice of cake every now and then or every day? Well not every day, because 100 grams of chocolate cake could have up to 40 grams of sugar or more 8. Cake with icing and frosting on the cake tends to have a very high sugar content level. 

Not the best option if you’re seeking for a healthy snack or if you have a very high blood glucose level. Cakes are available in all different sizes, flavors, colors and ingredients. A diabetic cake, which is low in sugar, is the best option if you’re seeking a cake for a snack. 

While some cakes like cheesecake and red violet can be very delicious, avoid consuming too much. Eating cakes regularly will not help if your goals are to lose weight, keep healthy or build lean muscles. Limit your cake intake on a daily basis and you’ll be able to keep your blood sugar regulated.


13) Barbecue sauce: 

Everyone loves a delicious barbecue chicken, steak, or shrimp: but not everyone likes being diagnosed with diabetes. 100 grams of barbecue sauce contains 33 grams of sugar 9. If you’re like most people who don’t measure the amount of barbecue sauce they use to prepare their meals; this should be an eye opener for you. 

While barbecue foods may taste great, the excess sugars do not. 1 tbsp. of barbecue sauce contains approximately 6 grams of sugar and we all know 1 tbsp of sauce won’t get the job done. If you consume barbecue foods, try to limit yourself as much as possible, mostly if you eat out at restaurants. If you prepare your own barbecue meals, try to monitor your usage so you know adequately how much sugars you’re dealing with.

​​donut high in sugars

14) Doughnuts: 

100 grams of donuts which is the equivalent of 1 doughnut has approximately 51 grams of sugar 4. These sugary snacks are one of the most sought after in between meals. They can be hard to resist at the canteen or supermarket. 

Doughnuts are available in many different colors and can be very creative at times with sprinkles and icing which says eat me. Consuming too much doughnuts in one day (3+ donuts) can cause a very high spike in your blood glucose level. Try limiting yourself to at least 1 per week or as little as half per day for those donut lovers out there.


15) Protein bars: 

29 grams of sugar per 100 grams of protein bar 11. Many fitness enthusiasts may find themselves snacking on a protein bar (for extra protein) but little do they know; these are foods very high in sugar and can be stacked up to the roof with sugars. 

Some of snacks generally appear healthy looking with fresh fruits and nuts on the cover, but not everything that glitters is gold. With only 1 protein bar a day, you may find yourself going over the maximum daily requirement of needed sugars. 

If you keep it consistent; 7 days a week, you could be on the road for diabetes. Review our list of 17 healthy fruits and vegetables to help you get more protein without the extra sugar.

16) Sodas: 

Soda juices are available in many different flavors with pretty images of fruits on the bottles and labeling. But the reality is; these drinks are loaded with 27 grams or more of sugar per 100 grams. 

This is not a wise option to drink with your meals or if you’re thirsty. Your blood glucose levels will go sky high just after one meal while drinking a soda. Also one bottle of soda covers your daily sugar intake, so try to limit yourself to half of a bottle or even quarter. 

Diluting the soda with water is a great option also. If you frequently drink sodas and find yourself gaining weight too fast, the cause could be linked to the sugar content of the sodas you drink.


17) Canned fruits:

Canned fruits are great if you don’t want to go through the long process of peeling fruits, but sugary content hidden on the nutrition facts is outrageous. 1 can of fruits (1 canned fruit) can have up to 26 grams of sugar per 250 grams of fruits 12. 

This is not the best option for making cakes or pastries which are already jam-packed with sugars. The images of the fruits on the can may look great, but eating the fruits directly is not. 

If you’re going to use canned fruits, its best to drain out the syrup and rinse off the fruits to try to eradicate most of the excess sugars. This will help to prevent your blood glucose level from spiking immediately after 1 meal.


18) Ketchup: 

Not healthy tomatoes but converted to include 22 grams of sugar per 100 grams of ketchup. Everybody loves ketchup, you put it on your French fries, hot dog, pizza, fry chicken, burger; you name it, ketchup can be used on almost anything. But as delicious as it can make your chicken and chips taste, ketchup is one of the many foods very high in sugar. If you’re eating a dish already high in sugar, adding ketchup is not the best choice. 

Neither should it be an option if you’ve consumed a meal high in sugar for the day. Things as simple as these may cause your blood glucose levels to spike instantly and lead to becoming enemies with sugar. 

Try to limit your ketchup intake as much as possible to 1 packet or 1 tbsp per day to keep your blood glucose level on the down low.

ice cream sugar foods

19) Ice cream 

Icecream is a tasty treat that almost everyone loves to eat on a hot day, (mostly kids) but limit your ice-cream intake because 100 grams of ice cream contains 21 grams of sugar

This is not your best option for a snack if you’re already diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes. While the taste may be great, the sugary content isn’t. It is best to limit your ice cream intake to just 1 scoop per week. If you’re trying to lose weight, ice cream will dramatically set you off course, so it’s a no-no. Try alternative snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables rather than ice cream.


20) Cereals: 

10 grams of sugar per 100 grams 15. These tasty breakfast treats can be a great choice in the morning, but only limited to 100g. For many of you (myself included) who just open up the cereal and pour as much as possible into your bowl, there’s a high possibility of you getting diabetes if you keep it consistent. 

Most of these cereals already have sugars added but if you decide more sugar is needed, then you’re preparing for doomsday. Cereals are not the best breakfast option, because they’re generally high in calories and can lead to fast hunger.

21) Bread: 

100 grams of bread has approximately 7 grams of sugars 16. The sugar count is low which is awesome you might be thinking. But 100 grams can only be 1-2 slices of bread. 

The quantity and sugar count varies on the manufacturer making the bread. If you consume bread frequently for 2 or 3 meals per day, your blood glucose levels could be very high. Once eaten infrequently, bread can make a delicious meal with other sides but avoid going overboard.

Final Thought 

There you have it; a list of 20 foods very high in sugar. If you consume one or a combination of any of these foods very high in sugar or drinks daily you may find yourself getting overweight or being diagnosed with diabetes at a very early age. Therefore if you want to keep your blood sugar levels regulated it is best to limit your intake of these foods and drinks.


This is important if you’re diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. You may find it difficult for you to lose weight or build muscles if you consume one or a combination of these foods daily. For maximum weight loss results, a great exercise regimen and a bulletproof diet made up of mainly fruits and vegetables is the best way to go.

Here are just the top 21 list of common foods very high in sugar, Feel free to continue the list in the comments below


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