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Write for us by submitting your content via email for review via: info@ledhealthandfitness.com. Kindly note a minimum of $15 USD and must be paid via Paypal BELOW BEFORE YOUR GUEST POST IS PUBLISHED.

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We are now accepting guest posts/articles etc on our website. Write for us by submitting your awesome health, fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding etc guest post, infographics, pdf files etc to be published on the website ledhealthandfitness.com.

  1. Do you have a passion for everything health and fitness?
  2. Are you currently working on some amazing yoga or bodybuilding articles to get published online?
  3. Are you into dieting, healthy living or exercising?
  4. Do you love writing or teaching health or fitness related stuff?
  5. Are you into helping others achieve the health and fitness goals?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. We are always open to new ideas that will help enhance our website and provide more value to our readers.

write for us health and fitnessHow to Write for Us?

At Ledhealthandfitness, our aim is to become one of the major sources for advice on health and fitness related topics. Together with your help; we can achieve this goal to grow with our site exponentially.

We are currently accepting expert writers, authors, publishers, Doctors and MDs etc. to showcase their expertise and talents on our website. Our audience keeps consistently growing and it’s a great opportunity for you to expand your influence.  We welcome all professionals who wish to join our team and offer the best health or fitness related tips available online.


If you’re interested to write for us or submitting your articles or post to Ledhealthandfitness website; below are the guidelines for reviewal before submission:

  1. All content submitted must be 750 words or more (Some exemptions permitted)

  2. Long articles or post submitted must follow: (Intro, Body, Conclusion)

  3. Some articles or posts may be exempted from rule 2

  4. Reference(s) should be listed, authors or contributors should be acknowledged

  5. Links to online reputable and trusted sources are preferred

  6. No plagiarism allowed. ALL articles,posts or content should be 100% unique

  7. Pictures used should be 100% free from copyright or owner (s) should be acknowledged

  8. Person(s) submitting the content may use their Name or submit as anonymous; a link to a social profile is permitted.

  9. No similar content submitted which covers the same theme or topic will be accepted (Refer ti rule 10)

  10. Person (s) may be given access to enhance the topics or contents already available onsite; to keep the content updated.

 An editor login will be created for selected individuals to get exclusive access to submit their content on our website.


Kindly note, due to the high volume of guest post request we receive on a daily basis; paid guest post or articles will take priority. 

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